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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Little Push 5 Day Challenge: Crazy Confidence Day 1

Please listen to this Podcast my Chalene Johnson today on Crazy Confidence!

I don't care who you are, confidence is something we can all have a little more of.

A confident person is someone who is comfortable in their own skin, it has nothing to do with physical traits and it's actually not that person who grabs everyones attention at the party.  The confident person is self assured and doesn't care what other people think of them.

Can you think of someone in your life like that?

Confidence is built with experience.  So first you need to try something you have never done before.  You just have to feel the fear of doing something new, making mistakes and getting better each time you try to do that thing.  Be Bold.

Remember your first attempt won't be perfect, but it's good enough for your first try!  

Let's say you're a decent cook, but you don't venture beyond making quick meals for your family. Now, what if you were to invite friends over for an elaborate, six-course dinner? Sure, you've never done that before, but you wouldn't be starting from scratch; you'd be building on skills you already have—taking what I call a reasonable risk. Controlled leaps of faith give us a chance to feel proud of ourselves for having the guts to try something new. 

Keep in mind... 
Taking reasonable risks sets us up for success not just once but repeatedly. No matter the outcome (maybe one of your dishes didn't turn out as expected), the attempt itself represents an accomplishment that can be built upon. Next time you'll aim even higher, think even bigger—and before long making bold moves will start to feel like second nature. 

By reaching, stretching, and trying new things, you'll expand your life experiences and, in turn, your confidence.

Today's Little Push Challenge is to take risks- big or small. It doesn't matter what kind of risk, but it is essential to take yourself out of your comfort zone. We always lose confidence when faced with unfamiliar situations, so we tend to avoid them. But I am encouraging you to do those things that scare you. Wear a bright color or pattern. Join a gym or take a Zumba class. Sing in your choir. Join a book club. Heck, jump out of an airplane! Once you have completed the task, you will swell with confidence. You will be proud of whatever fear you've overcome, and you will probably discover that you enjoyed yourself in the process!

Comment below on what risks you took this week and how it felt to overcome the fear.  

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