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Getting Started with the 21 Day Fix

Over the Last year I have added quite a few 21 Day fix recipes to the Blog!  I figured it was about time to round them all up and even include some of the other 21 Day fix meal plans and organizational tools I have created!  

Hopefully this page will be a great resource for my 21 Day Fix Challengers!  

If you are wondering what the 21 Day fix is exactly, you can check out my other page dedicated to the 21 Day fix right here ---->>>  21 Day Fix Page

I run 21 Day Fix Challenge Groups starting the 3rd Monday of every month and in these groups you will find the support, encouragement and accountability we all need to succeed while starting out on a fitness and health journey!  Honestly I can't even begin to explain or describe how awesome these groups are!

The 21 Day fix a 3 week program that combines 30 minute workouts (a mixture of cardio, light weights, yoga and pilates: Works the entire body), clean eating and portion control.

What I like about this program is that it will allow you to learn what foods and how much of those foods are best to fuel your body.

It will help you stay on track and not feel hungry!
You are even able to incorporate a treat like wine, or chocolate or even cookies. There are recipes in the meal plan to help you with healthy cookie recipes too!

The portion control piece is made really easy with the colour coded portion control containers that come with the program. No weighing or calorie counting! Basically Red is your protein, Yellow your carbs, green your veg etc. This plan is super simple but so effective.

If your looking for a program that gives you EVERYTHING you need to succeed in one package you have found it in the 21 day fix! 

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Before you Begin

  • Purge the Pantry
  • Read the 21 Day fix book from beginning to end
  • Take your Weight and measurements
  • Calculate your Calorie Level and Containers
  • Check out some 21 Day fix approved recipes for inspiration
  • Do some meal planning
  • Make a Grocery List of approved foods from your meal planning
  • Set your goals and intentions for the next 21 days
  • Check into the Challenge group and introduce yourself

Grocery Shop

Read through the 21 Day Fix Approved Foods for each container and make your grocery list of items which you know you will like. 

21 Day Fix Recipes

21 Day fix Scrambled eggs and Coconut Oil Hollandaise Sauce Breakfast
Turkey Black Bean Lettuce Wraps
21 Day Fix Breakfast Sandwich
21 Fix Approved Breakfast Burrito
21 Day Fix Chicken Enchilada
Caprese Chicken Pizza
Pineapple Chicken Tacos
Pesto Goat Cheese Veggie Wrap
Mock Mushroom Eggs Benedict
Chocolate Mocha Mousse

21 Day Fix Meal Plans

I try to keep it simple when on the 21 Day fix so you will find that many of my meals are the same or I will keep the same meal plan for a day or two!  This really helps with staying on track and helping me meal plan and have groceries on hand that I can use every day!  That is also why you wont find a meal plan for every single day of the 21 Day fix that I have done but rather I have shared some of my days to give you an idea of what your meal plan can look like and how to incorporate eating out too!

21 Day Fix Meal Plan Day 1
21 Day Fix Meal Plan Day 2
21 Day Fix Meal Plan Day 3
21 Day Fix Meal Plan Day 4
21 Day Fix Meal Plan Day 5
21 Day Fix Meal Plan Day 8
21 Day Fix Meal Plan Day 9

21 Day Fix Daily Meal Plan and Tally Sheets

These Daily Tally Sheets I created have blown up on Pinterest!  I find them super helpful in planning and keeping track of my containers each day!  You can either print them off for each day or use a page protector and a dry eraser marker and use the same one over and over again!  

Click below on your Calorie Range for the sheet to Print off!

1200 - 1499 Calorie Range Daily Tally Sheet
1500-1799 Calorie Range Daily Tally Sheet
1800-2099 Calorie Range Daily Tally Sheet
2100-2300 Calorie Range Daily Tally Sheet

What else would you find helpful when getting started with the 21 Day fix?  
Comment below and I'll work on adding additional content that would help Challengers New and Old!

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