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Thursday, 4 December 2014

21 Day Fix Meal Plan Day 4

I did my Lower Fix last night after Fraser went to bed and I had made kids lunches! 

Yesterday's pizza lunch with a side salad was a success! I ordered an Autumn Harvest pizza with butternut squash, Brussels sprouts, kale, broccoli almonds and goat cheese. It was so yummy, but I made my self stop at 3 squares and saved the rest for my lunch today. 

I counted Half the pizza as 1 yellow (crust) 1 green (veggies and salad) 1 Blue (cheese) and 1 Orange (almonds). The pizza crust was pretty thin so I didn't feel like it was too much for the yellow container, in fact I probably could have had 4 pieces but I wanted to save the other half for lunch today too! 

Here are my planned meals for the day....



I needed to make sure my breakfast didn't have any Yellow Containers in it, just in case. My dinner for tonight is planned with no yellow containers also, so I may end up being able to have a treat tonight! Maybe a Peppermint mocha!
Greek Yogurt and Berries

1 Red container Greek Yogurt
1 Purple container Raspberries 


Chocolate Shakeology blended with Ice = 1 Red


Harvest Pizza

1 Yellow Container (Cust)
1 Blue Container (cheese)
1 Green container - veggies and Sliced Cucumbers
1 Orange Container (Almonds)


Thai Chicken Satay Salad

1 Red Container - Chicken
2 Spoons - peanut sauce
2 Green Containers - Salad
My peanut Sauce recipe is pretty simple but so so good! 
I use homemade peanut butter, a dash of soy sauce, a tsp of honey for sweetness, and water.  If it's not for the kids too I will also at a squirt of Sriracha too!
Put all the ingredients into a pot on the stove and heat on medium while wisking until it all comes together. 
My plan is to grill the chicken skewers and then just simply top them with the peanut sauce.

I will make up a salad, with greens, carrots, peppers, cucumber and cabbage and place the chicken skewers onto the salad!  YUM
Perhaps I should post the recipe tomorrow after I've made it and have a photo to share!


I still have 1 Purple container, 1 Red container and 1 Yellow container left to work with by the end of the day... so somehow I'll have to figure out a really good snack for tonight! 

Workout of the Day

My workout today is Pilates Fix. 

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