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Monday, 1 December 2014

Welcome Back Elf on the Shelf

Welcome back Alfie!!

This morning Asher and Fraser woke up to find Alfie back again visiting the house and reporting back to Santa on the boys behaviour!  

Alfie looks to be going for a ride on Asher's Christmas chain!!!  And look, Alfie has a letter for the boys from Santa to deliver too!  

If you want a copy of the Letter Alfie brought the boys you can get it here and edit it to fit your kids and Elf!  

I have a few ideas planned for Alfie already this year including this awesome idea from Desiree Tanguma who's Elf Peter is shown here playing tic-tac-toe with Ninja Turtle Raphael!!
Peter the Elf and Raphael

Asher has a Raphael too so I thought this was just perfect!!  Stay tuned for my version of Desiree's awesome idea!

Tammy Cummings' Elf, Kate is roasting marshmallows at the tv fire! Great idea Tammy! 

Here is Sparkle, Shannon Marion's elf having a bath in the doll house. 

Please share your Elf on the Shelf ideas with me too!  Comment below or send me an email to be featured on the blog!

Even better... you can follow my Elf on the Shelf Pinterest Board and ask to be added to Pin to it.  I will select a few of your Elves each week to feature on the blog from the Pinterest board!

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