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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Frozen Gingerbread House

Maybe this blog is turning into a Christmas/Kids activities Blog over the Holidays.... BUT this is my life so my goal here is to share what is relevant to me and what would be helpful to me as a mom out there!

Asher missed school on Tuesday and therefore missed making ginger bread houses with his class too.  So last night when I came home he asked me to PLEASE get him stuff to make a gingerbread house.  So I headed out to the Bulk Barn in town today to find a gingerbread kit.  I was lucky enough to get the last pre-made kit in the store.... which means the job I hate most (building gingerbread house) is done!  YES!

BUT I was feeling pretty uninspired by the candy selection I could get for the house as I walked the isles.  And then suddenly it came to me.... BUILD A FROZEN HOUSE!

So with a new mission (I always do better with a theme), I searched the candy bins for all blue, white and silver candy!  Way more fun that little green trees and gum balls!

I also grabbed a bottle of Sugar cookie icing hoping it would be thick enough to hold the candy (it wasn't) .

Asher was so excited to get started when I got home tonight after I showed him everything I had picked out.

Here is what I got:

Here is our little pre-made gingerbread house

And here is what we turned that little pre-made gingerbread house into!  A Frozen Ginger bread house!  Or as Asher calls it Olaf's Gingerbread house.  

I do have to say, Christmas is really taking over this week.  I haven't been working out as regularly but I have been sticking to my 21 Day Fix meal plan pretty well this week!  So I'm happy with that.  After Christmas I'll be back at it!!

Now I better get back to filling out cards and Wrapping!!!

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