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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

21 Day Fix Meal Plan Day 8

I didn't blog my meals this weekend or Monday as I was tied up with Pace (christmas musical concert for my son) on Saturday all day and the Barn Raising fundraiser on Sunday all day!  I actually did quite well sticking to healthy meals.  What I did eat was healthy for the most part and within my 21 day fix limits but but I know I didn't eat enough each day. 

As for Monday we spent the day cleaning the house after hardly being there all weekend and then grocery shopping for a week of 21 day fix meals! 

Last night I spent about an hour, prepping lunches for the week (Salmon Salad) and planning our dinners as much as I could! 

But today when I arrived with my yummy Salmon Salad for lunch to work I discovered that we had scheduled yet another work lunch today that I wasn't expecting!  Sushi. 

I considered not going and sticking to my healthy lunch, but I didn't want to be rude.  So I decided I would go and see what I could have on the menu that was reasonable.  Unfortunately they didn't have brown rice at this particular sushi place. Very disappointing. I stayed away from greasy tempura and I ordered one spicy salmon roll and snacked on cucumbers later in the afternoon. 

Then around 4pm I had an early dinner (my salmon salad) so that I could go see a movie after I got home from work! So my salad got used anyways and it wasn't a waste!  Phew!

Here is what my 21 Day fix meal plan looked like today...


1 Red Container Greek Yogurt
1 Purple Container Raspberries
1 Yellow Container Waffle


1 Red Container Chocolate Shakeology


Sushi Roll

1 Red Container Salmon
1 Yellow Container Rice


1 Green Container - Cucumbers


Salmon Salad with Apples and Walnuts
1 Red Container - Salmon
2 Green Containers - Mixed Greens
1/4 Purple Container - Apples Slices
1 Blue Container Walnuts


Apple and Peanut Butter
1 Purple Container - Apple
2 Spoons - Peanut Butter

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