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Thursday, 11 December 2014

I used to be a Gym Rat

  • I could never do what you do
  • I don't have the energy
  • I don't have the Time
  • It's easy for her
  • She has probably always been fit
  • She has probably always worked out
  • I could never eat like her
  • I don't have time to prep food
  • It's in my genes to be overweight
  • I'm not a runner
  • I'm too busy
  • I've tried before and failed so why should I try again
  • She is different than me
  • I don't like "healthy" food
  • It's just so different from what I normally eat
  • My parents never taught me to eat healthy
  • I don't know where to start
  • I'll start next week
  • I "need" my sweets/soda/wine/whatever
  • I'm not motivated enough
  • My body doesn't like exercise
How many times have you told yourself one, or all, of the sentences above? So many times that you're starting to believe them? Do you know that YOU have 100% CONTROL over ALL of them, and until you realize that you're believing your own EXCUSES?

I have definitely been guilty of saying many of these things to myself in the past, and now these are things I hear from others DAILY. Have you ever looked at me and said to yourself, "I wish it were easy for me like it is for her?" If you have, then I'm glad you're reading this! I'm going to tell you a little secret.... It most definitely was NOT easy for me at first, and I STILL struggle now! It's easy to look at someone and see them as they are NOW... and totally overlook the JOURNEY they took to get them there! So here's a little glimpse into my journey.  

Me in 2010

I have struggled with my weight and body image since I can remember.  Always feeling uncomfortable in my own skin and comparing myself to other girls in school.  Hiding behind over-sized hoodies all through junior highschool just trying to feel comfortable.  

I wasn't the pretty girl with all the nice clothes and nice hair.  I was plain, I still am pretty plain.  

What has changed is that my confidence has grown and I know how to eat well and what exercise works for me.  I have figured it out, but it took me a long time.

The first time I ever lost weight and started to feel good about myself was in the summer of 2006 when Gord and I tried and South Beach Diet.  It worked for us, but the weight came back on... OF COURSE!  Cutting out whole food groups only works while your doing it.  It's not a long term solution.
I started going the the Gym after that and I went religiously every single day right after work.  Spin Classes, zumba, step, elliptical, circuit training, running etc.  I spent at least an hour at the gym every night, usually more. And I actually loved it! And ya I lost weight and looked great for my Wedding.  I felt great about myself at that time too but unfortunately spending that amount of time at the gym just wasn't sustainable long term for me.  

Me in 2007 after working out
every day for months.

We purchased our first home, got a puppy and started Reno's.  That was my excuse.  I needed to get home to let the dog out and work on the house stuff.  So I couldn't find the time to get the the Gym every night. Then we got pregnant and my weight ballooned!  I was eating processed junk, ice cream, frozen pizzas you name it!  All I could see when I looked at my Maternity photos were my huge arms, I tried to crop half my arm out of one photo just so I could share it.  I hardly looked at a scale at that time because it was too painful but I'm pretty sure I had at least 60 pounds to lose after we had Asher.  I felt horrible.  

I had an even harder time getting to the gym because I now had a baby, so what I knew had worked for me in the past wasn't going to work this time.  I couldn't spend hours each day in the gym sweating off all the junk I was eating.  And because I was home all day I snacked ALL the time!  

At 18 weeks with Asher
A few weeks after Asher was born

27 weeks with Asher...
I was not eating well and gained
a lot of weight in my arms and legs
in just 9 weeks.

I tried the Wii Fit board and I lost a few pounds repeating the same step program over and over again while Asher slept in the swing next to me.  But that quickly became boring and he only napped for about 15 minutes at a time. Walking was out of the question during the day because he seemed to hate the stroller and every time I went out I'd end up turning around half way through and walking/running home with a screaming baby.  

It wasn't easy.  

But if you have been following me you will know that during that time my Dad had Cancer and we lost him when Asher was 10 months old. 

A few months after he passed I stumbled across the book In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan.  And I'm sure you have heard me say this before... But I'll say it again.  It Changed my life.  

As I read the pages of this book I felt like my Dad was reading it to me.  Whispering in my ear and the words resonated with me.  

I stripped our cupboards of all processed foods and started reading labels.  Anything I didn't recognize on the list of ingredients meant I didn't buy it.  

I stopped buying pop completely and stopped ordering it when I went out for a meal too.  Where previously I had been addicted to diet pop and bought it in flats at Super Store. 

I started enjoying food more.  I wasn't scared of full fat anymore and I could finally just enjoy cheese and cream and all that good stuff that I had been taught was fattening.  Low fat, fake sugar was what I now feared and rejected.  And it felt good.  It clicked with me as a lifestyle change and not just a diet to be on for a few months. 

As a result both Gord and I lost weight and maintained a healthy weight for several years.  But exercise didn't really become part of the equation until a year ago.  

I had had another Baby and I was ready to feel "Fit" again.  I had seen my friend posting about a new home fitness program that you could do in 25 minutes per day!  So I decided to contact her about it and see how much it was.  
Me a few weeks after having Fraser (my 2nd baby)!
What a difference from after having Asher. 

I was the typical customer, more concerned with how much and didn't really ask about what exactly I would get for the price.  Focus T25 is one of the more expensive programs but I had no idea that you get 12 workouts, nutrition plans, recipes, workout calendar, exercise bands and much more.  NO CLUE.  I just saw the price and thought... wow that's a lot for a fitness program.  

I was comparing it to what I knew of home fitness programs that I had purchased at Walmart.  Typically when you get a fitness DVD from the store you get one workout that you play over and over again for about $25.  So $119 for 12 workouts PLUS PLUS PLUS..... had I seen the value in the PROGRAM (not just a workout) I think it would have clicked with me sooner. 

It took me a few months to jump in with both feet, but once I did I was hooked.  I LOVED my workouts.  I loved feeling like I was getting stronger every day and I was learning so much at the same time.  

It took me a long time to really figure this whole thing out.  And I still struggle every day to resist temptations.  There are days that I don't want to workout too.  

And my weight still fluctuates by about 5 pounds here and there.  But I know how to keep myself on track or get back on track and I have learned overtime.  

What worked for me once just doesn't work for me now.  We change, life changes and so do our fitness routines.  I wish I had known then what I know now because losing that weight after having Asher was a long journey and I really struggled.  Had there been a 21 Day fix or T25 then I think I would have been able to feel like I had a plan, and felt better about myself. 

The program that speaks to me and I find myself recommending to most of my customers is the 21 Day Fix.  WHY?  Because I feel like it's the program that would have worked for me then. It teaches people the basics of clean eating, which is where my journey all started.  AND it provides 30 minute workouts that are easy to follow and include an awesome modifier so anyone can start.  

So before you look at me or anyone else and compare yourself or assume that you can't do what they are doing STOP and ask a few questions first.  Everyone started somewhere.  I didn't just wake up one day knowing how to eat unprocessed Real food and know how to fit fitness into my life.  It has taken time, mistakes and lots of learning to get here.  

That is why I am sharing what I have learned with others.  That is why I get so much joy out of hearing other peoples success stories, helping them through their struggles and teaching them what I have discovered.  I am in no way an expert or nutritionist.  But I am an expert in what has worked for me, and what I know is working for a lot of people.  

What excuse are you willing to banish today?

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