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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Magic Reindeer Food

After many plans and bouncing ideas off my husband about what to make for Asher's Kindergarten class gifts this year. We decided on Magic Reindeer Food.  

As much as all those cute candy filled baggies with jelly beans or malt balls with one red one for Ruldolphs nose are cute and would be fun to make... I just don't think the kids need any more candy at this time of year... or ever really.  

But I wanted to make something fun and special for each of them.  So Magic Reindeer Food won out!  

Here is the Recipe for Magic Reindeer Food:

8 Cups Quick Oats
Two Bottles of Sprinkles
18 Zip baggies
18 6" x 2" scrapbook paper pieces cut
18 Cut out Magic Reindeer Poems

I had Asher do quite a lot of this project which is always a good thing in my book.  I like it when the project is kid friendly so they actually feel like they made it too!

Asher mixed the Reindeer Food in the bowl and Scooped some into each baggie for me.  

I then cut out all the poems and measured the scrapbook paper to go behind the poem.  I gave him a 2-way glue pen to glue the backs of each poem while I stuck them onto the scrapbook paper.  

We then folded the bags over once and stapled the poem cards to the baggies.  And DONE!  

This whole job only took us about 30-40 minutes!

Pretty easy and you might even have all the supplies on hand!

Plus I made up the template for the Magic Reindeer Food poem and added it to my google docs so I can share it with you too!  

You can get the template here: Magic Reindeer Food Poem.

You can get the Template here: Magic Reindeer Food Poem

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