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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Tuesday Fit challenge: Reverse Plank Leg Raise

Good Morning!  Here is your Fit Challenge for Tuesday!  I've been getting a lot of positive feedback on these little mini daily challenges so i'll continue to share them this week!  I have an Arms and Abs Challenge starting on Monday so if you like these little challenges join in on the fun over on my facebook page!
Today's Challenge is Reverse planks with a leg raise
Talk about a full-body workout! This exercise will hit your shoulders, triceps, core muscles, butt, and legs, and you will definitely feel the burn.
Comment below when your done and tag a friend to do the same.
Step 1: Sit with legs outstretched, hands behind hips and fingers pointing toward your booty.
Step 2: Press up onto hands, keeping legs fully extended, heels on floor. (You’ll be in a plank position, but facing the ceiling instead of the floor.)
Step 3: Raise and lower left leg, keeping core tight and hips in the same position. Repeat movement with right leg. Perform this move for 60 seconds alternating legs each rep.
Images from edited by yours truly!
Have a great day!

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