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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Why do New Years resolutions usually fail?

You know why people commit to New years resolutions every year?

Because we always have so much FUN over the holidays and we inevitably gain a few unwanted pounds.

Since you know it's going to happen anyways, why don't you make a plan now?
This way you can really enjoy the holidays guilt free. And you can be prepared to get back on track in the new year too!

Most New years resolutions don't work.... or they don't last.  That's because people don't have a PLAN.

They join a gym but don't have a nutrition plan, support system or rewards and incentives for achieving milestones along the way.... or they have selected a diet but they don't have a fitness plan, support system or rewards and incentives... you get the picture.

That's why my Challenge groups REALLY work!  We give you EVERYTHING you need to succeed and a little bit more.  Fitness plan, nutrition plan, recipes, support system AND REWARDS too!  Yep we give you rewards to sharing your daily success and struggles along the way!

So why not make this year different.

Email me if you want to talk about what program would be right for you.

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