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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Month 2 P90

P90 Month 2 review
My Co-workers doing P90 in our little space tucked away in the building!
I’ll be honest, I have a REALLY hard time sticking to just ONE program!  I tried I really really did.  And I love P90, the workouts are so fun, great moves and I feel like I got a great workout in after every workout!  It’s not the program, it’s me!  For the first 3 weeks of month 1 I followed the schedule and did all the workouts, which is huge for me.  Normally I would throw in a different workout long before I got to 3 weeks!

But between doing PiYo at work on Wednesdays and wanting to do my workouts at lunch time in the space we have at work, I couldn’t stick with the schedule of Sweat + Ab Ripper then Sculpt every two days.   I Can only do the Sweat and Ab ripper workouts as well as the Saturday special at work, not Sculpt. I don’t have the bands or a spot to attach a band to in the space we have to work out.  So I started to mix it up and throw in a little combat, 21 day fix and PiYo on my Sculpt days.  Some days I would go home and still get my sculpt workout in after the boys were in bed, but mostly I just wasn’t able to do Sculpt unless it was the weekend!    

I so wanted to stick to this program and be faithful so I could show real results from P90, BUT it just didn’t happen this time!  I’ve learned that I really like to mix up my workouts and go with what I’m in the mood for that day! 

Today I brought P90 into work with me to do at lunch time with a co-worker.  I am now in Month 2 of P90 and have done Ab Ripper B (Randomly with my co-workers) but not sweat B, so I decided we would give it a go today!

What a workout! 

I’ll be starting to bring a towel and shower gear to work along with my workout clothes from now on!! 

Both of us were sweating and needed a shower after and I will for sure be bringing P90 back next week for another round plus the Ab Ripper B as well!

Month 2 of P90 Program review
In Month 2 of P90, the girl on the left is crazy intense
in the videos, but she shows some personality too!

On another P90 related topic, I have been waiting and waiting for my P90 Tank top and Hat to arrive in the mail!!  I earned a P90 tank and P90 hat in the month of September from Beachbody and usually the items we earn take about a month to arrive once they send out the email letting you know you have earned it and asking for your size etc.  But you know what?  Gord received his P90 T shirt two days ago!  I checked the mail box the last two nights for mine and..... NOTHING!

Man!  I seriously want to see my cool P90 wear!

I'll have to post a photo once it arrives!

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