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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Day 1 - Eating Clean Mini Challenge

Here we go! 

Day 1 of our Eating Clean Mini Challenges! The group participants are busy introducing them selves and getting started on the Challenge!  

Here is Today's Mini Challenge:

Day 1: Eat a minimum of two different fruits or vegetables (preferably organic) with every breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal.

Even for our family eating two fruits or vegetables at every meal is a challenge. We usually eat at least one serving per meal but two is more of a stretch for us. At dinner time I try to get two on the plate, but the other meals are lacking for sure! So I'm excited to take part in this challenge along side everyone and see how we all do!

There are many people who don't eat any vegetables at dinner time, never mind the other meals. I get it, easy to have a BBQ burger with fries right. But try adding a salad instead or even a veggie tray to the mix.

I would really like you to try for organic produce during our 2 weeks together, this is because there are more nutrients in organic, as the soil has more nutrients in it, additionally you won't be adding the extra chemical pesticides and fertilizers that are used on conventional produce. Plus it just tastes better (carrots are sweeter, peppers too!)

The whole point of this challenge is for you to displace something else that you would normally eat (like chips or fries or even crackers) with some colorful produce. So for those that are worried about the extra expense of organic fruits and vegetables try buying more produce INSTEAD of something else that you would normally buy. And also consider buying frozen organic produce, which is a wonderful alternative to fresh and usually much cheaper (although it is unfortunately not always as tasty). You can find lots of fresh organic produce this time of year at Costco and frozen produce there all year around too! Or check out your Farmers Market!

Take a photo of your yummy produce today and share it in our 14 Days of Eating Clean Mini Challenge Event!  We would love to hear where you found your organic fruit and veg!

What doesn't count as Fruit for this Challenge:
Dried fruit (like raisins)
Fruit juice

This challenge is great for involving the whole family especially the kids! If you tell them that we are all supposed to eat two fruits or veggies at each meal they will probably remind you and and hold you accountable too!  I know Asher will hold us accountable for sure!

If you want to participate in our Facebook Event to help keep you motivated and accountable to these mini challenges Click here and hit "Going" on the event to get the daily updates, post your own photos and share your success with us!

Each Day will be a new mini challenge, and each day the participants will gain more knowledge about clean eating and eating locally!  I'm so excited for this challenge and I hope you are too!

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