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Friday, 20 March 2015

The thing about excuses....

Here’s the thing about excuses….

When Beachbody puts out new fitness programs, they are generally addressing “Excuses” that they see as getting in the way of someone starting or staying consistent with their fitness or weight loss goals.

Focus T25 – Less time, easier to follow.

21 Day Fix – Efficient workouts, short results horizon, simple portion control

PiYo Workout – Low/No impact, efficient combo of yoga, pilates, and cardio

And the great excuse-buster P90 - A very simple approach to fitness and eating which is no-nonsense, and won’t make you feel like you’re starting a race from the back of the pack.

But here’s the real thing about excuses…in particular the pattern of having your fitness derailed by the excuses of time, mood, energy, or convenience; ONLY YOU can break the pattern of allowing excuses to undermine your goals.

Not your program. Not your partner. Not me as your coach. You have to find some way, through logic, force, or mind-over-habit, to get the workout done no matter what time of day, and to watch your nutrition, so your diet supports your goals.

BE THE WAY THROUGH, OVER, OR AROUND, the excuses which tell you “tomorrow is just as good as today.” Don’t believe it for a second. There’s NOTHING as valuable or as important as TODAY. 

Check out my blog post on how to get back into the Groove for my top 3 tips to get out of a Health and Fitness Rut!  

My personal go to motivational trigger is music.  If I get a fun upbeat song playing and change into my workout clothes I find myself with so much more energy and I'm much more ready to press play on my workout when the music has me moving!

What is your biggest excuse?  How do you over come it?

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