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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

21 Day Fix Daily Tally Sheet

Gord and I are back on the 21 Day fix!  He started today and I felt like we needed an easier method of tracking our containers and meal plan for each day!  

We currently use a 21 Day Tally App which I find helpful but I also need a place to write down the meals we are planning for each day!  In the past I have used an excel spreadsheet or white board but it' not as easy on the go if I don't have those with me.  We were making lunches tonight and I decided we needed a printable sheet we could do it all on!  So I quickly created this document and thought I would share it here too!

The photo above is for someone in the 1800-2099 caloric range but I have created one for each Calorie Range! Just click the link below to take you to your sheet and print it off for each day!  

1200 - 1499 Calorie Range Daily Tally Sheet
1500-1799 Calorie Range Daily Tally Sheet
1800-2099 Calorie Range Daily Tally Sheet
2100-2300 Calorie Range Daily Tally Sheet

If this is something you find helpful please leave a comment below and let me know!

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