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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Cize Crazy 8's Routine

Mid Cize Routine Action Shot!

I have been doing the New Cize workout that was free on Beachbody on Demand for weeks waiting for the program to finally launch and then it did but I've been so busy trying out my new Paddle Board for the last week I haven't been working out!  I know right... shocking! But Paddling is a great workout and I've been doing lots of walking on my lunch breaks so I've had no shortage of exercise this last week just not my usual workouts.  

Out on the Lake at Sunset this week

Well last night I planned to do the Crazy 8's Routine for the first time after Gord's Body Beast workout... But boy did his workout seem to take forever.  I finally started my workout just before 10pm but I'm so glad I waiting up and did it because it was so much fun!  

Check it out...

Ok so I've got lots of work to do on my moves but seriously it was a blast and a great workout too!  

The cool thing is that this routine only took 30 minutes to not only learn but by about 25 minutes in you knew the whole routine and were doing it to the music!  Plus what I really liked is that at the end you could choose to Cize it Up again and again to the music just doing the full routine back to back until you had it mastered.  Since it was a late night for me I didn't do it a whole bunch of times, although I would have liked to.  

What I really enjoy about this workout is that the time just flies by and your having so much fun the whole time that it doesn't' feel like a workout at all!

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