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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

All Inclusive Resort Packing List

So I'm heading to Cancun Mexico on an all inclusive vacation paid for by Beachbody!  Yep, a free vacation!!!  

I was able to earn this trip plus travel cash just by helping people start their own fitness journey's and teaching other's to do the same!  It's been an amazing journey and I'm totally shocked that I was able to go on this Success Club Trip!  

I have learned a lot about believing in yourself enough to GO FOR IT!  Last year when registration for the Cancun Trip opened up, I didn't register because I didn't believe that I could earn a paid trip, but a few months later I realized that what I was doing was already earning me the trip, so I decided to register and get on the wait list.  Well I earned that trip, long before I got off the wait list and I was kicking myself for not believing in myself.  

I had all but given up hope of going on the trip until 3 weeks ago when I got an email saying that I was off the wait list and they were offering me a spot!!!  And you know what, the stars aligned and I was able to make it happen, even if it was last minute! And now I'm packing for my trip and excited to spend 4 nights in the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun Mexico with a group of amazing and inspiring coaches! 

So what do you pack for an all inclusive resort?  

I did a little research on Pinterest of course and this is my list so far: 

2-3 bathing suits – You might be able to get away with two if you only wear one a day, but if you’re planning on hitting the pool/beach more than once, having an extra dry back up will come in handy! For me, three is a must. 

 2-3 bathing suit cover-ups - I only have one but I'm on the look out for a second one without spending $50+

A hat – I snagged a a floppy straw hat, like this one from Roxy for $16.99!  Much better deal than the $40 ones I found at the Bay!  I'll probably bring along a baseball cap as well! 
And don’t forget some sunglasses!

A pair of pool/beach flip-flops. These are not your everyday sandals. I’m talking about your classic flippy-floppies. The only time you’ll have them on is for walking to and from the beach or pool. No need to have several pairs! I got a pair of Sunuks from our local board shop on sale!  These bad boys are made out of yoga mat! 

Two pairs of dressier sandals. These should be nicer than flip-flops and acceptable enough to wear into the nicer resort restaurants. (Think something like this or even wedges!) I found lots of cheap and dressy Sandals at the Ardene.  

Workout wear - Because this is a Beachbody trip there will be workouts each day with the trainers (Tony Horton, Shaun T, and Autumn Calabrese).  So I have packed lots of workout wear and a pair of runners too!
Dresses. A couple sundresses or maxi dresses will take you from a beach side stroll to dinner. Or if your short like me look for Maxi Skirts and use them as a dress!   I packed four dresses.  (Here is what I found)

2-3 pairs of shorts is what was recommended but i think I packed 4 nicer shorts and 2 pairs of surfer shorts too!  But I'm an over packer because I never know what I might want!  Rather have a skirt? Swap one for a pair of shorts.

4-5 tops. The lighter the better, but again make sure you check those restaurant dress codes if you’re wearing them in the evening!

Linen Pants - Now I'm not 100% sure on this one, I bought them from Roxy while looking for Maxi Shirts and fell in love.  BUT they are light and I can totally dress them up with a strappy sandal.... So I'm bringing them along for the evenings and dressier events we have to attend.  I'll update you on if I found them good or not in the heat...

Other items I am packing:

A Tumbler, shaker cup or something similar. From what I have read, most all-inclusives serve drinks in tiny plastic cups. Wanna keep that frozen drink actually frozen? Looking to lounge as much as possible? Bring your own cup! I have packed my Shakeology Shaker cup so hopefully that will be good enough!

Bug bracelets or bug spray. Do some research on your beach, but I've heard that bugs can be killer at night time! 

Just in case, I am packing a first aid kit with band-aids, antacid, and pain-relievers. I'm not usually one for tummy trouble but it's always good to be prepared!  Trying unfamiliar foods or indulging in those extra cocktails can do a number on anyone's tummy!

No need to mention all of the underthings to pack, PJs, and toiletries, right? Good. Then, there is also sunscreen, sunscreen, and more sunscreen. And books if you’re into that sort of thing. I will be bringing one of my Personal Development books that I never seem to find the time to read at home!  

What else: 
Hair Straightener
Phone Charger

Leaving it at home: jewelry,full-face makeup kit (keepin it light!), and anything irreplaceable.

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