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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Country Heat is NOW AVAILABLE!

Country Heat will be Available to Order Today!!!

I'm SUPER excited to let you know that you can now order your own copy of Country Heat today and be one of the first to join my Test group and review the Country Heat program with me!!!

As a big-time country music fan, Autumn created Country Heat to help anyone—at any fitness level—lose weight and have a blast doing it! Autumn walks you through every move, step-by-step. Before you know it, you're swinging your hips, burning a bucket-load of calories, and toning and tightening your body.

This is a 4 week program that incorporates 30 minute workouts that are all low-impact movement to melt off the weight and reshape your body-toning and tightening your shoulders, arms, legs, and booty.

Country Heat even comes with Autumn's simple portion-control container system. That way you can eat what you want—but in exactly the right portions. Her eating plan even includes a few healthy twists on delicious, down-home southern dishes!

Here are a few of the most common questions I have been asked about the program recently....

What Type Of Music Do They Use?
  • This isn't old, twangy country music; it's crossover, mainstream country music that you love!! Here is a list....

How Many Workouts Are Included?
  • As of now it comes with 5 dance workouts, 1 full body dance conditioning workout, quick start guide, calendar, and Autumns awesome fitness guide with her 7 piece portion control containers <<< they are very handy! Oh and a bonus line dance workout.
How Much Will It Cost?

Check out the Price Breakdown Options for the Program here >>>>  Price Breakdown

Do I Need Equipment for Country Heat?
  • You need Shiny Steel Tipped boots! Ha, no you do not need any equipment for this workout.
How do I order?

You can order the Challenge Pack here.
You can Order your Base Kit here.

How do I join the Country Heat Test Group?

Join my Country Heat Launch Event here and let me know once you have ordered up your kit and I'll add you into our group!!!

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