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Friday, 25 September 2015

What is Periscope?

What It Is

I've mentioned Preiscope on my Facebook page a couple times now but I figured most of you are probably wondering what on earth I'm talking about and why I'm using Periscope so much lately.  

You may have already heard of it, or maybe not–it’s called Periscope, and it is seriously awesome!  Basically it is a platform that allows users to conduct live broadcasts anytime and anywhere.  Those watching the broadcast can comment, ask questions, and “heart” the broadcaster in real time, and the broadcaster can read the comments as he or she is talking.  You can also catch the Replay of the broad cast and give Hearts but you can't comment.  

I’ll be honest, I downloaded it and signed up at first and then deleted the App and ignored it for several months!  I mean, really, who has time for yet ANOTHER social media platform, much less one that involves live broadcasting?  I have enough on the go!

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But then, hearing so many people talking about it….I got curious, so I Re-downloaded the app and started watching.  Almost instantly, I was hooked.  There is something incredibly powerful and FUN about watching and interacting with someone in real time. I had a great "Scope" yesterday and ended up chatting with a few of the viewers just like we were friends having coffee together! So cool!

I also watch a variety of inspiring scopes, everything from business & blogging tips to ideas for goal setting, saving money, improving my marriage.

The thing about Periscope is that it is best watched live, because you can interact and ask questions or comment in real time.  However, if you can’t make it live, you can view the replay right on the Periscope app for up to 24 hours after the broadcast.

That said, I have also set up a page at to store all my past Periscope broadcasts, if you want to see those as well.  You can find it HERE.

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How to Get Started

If you haven’t yet downloaded the Periscope app, I encourage you to do that HERE.  Don’t worry–it is completely free!  If nothing else, even if you’re not ready for a new social media platform, just secure your name before someone else does (or you might regret it in 2016!)

Once you have downloaded the app & signed in, getting started is really easy:
  • First, search for the people you want to follow by clicking on the “People” icon all the way to the right and hitting the small magnifying glass in the top left corner.  (To find me, just search for @gordcrys.  I usually try to scope daily and during the work week I scope on our Commute home (Gord drives) at 4:20pm Pacific time!  Periscope will notify you when the people you are following are live.
  • While watching a broadcast, you can interact, ask questions, and participate in the discussion by typing into the comments at the bottom of the screen.  You can also give hearts (Periscope’s way of letting the broadcaster know you like what their saying) by tapping the left side of your screen.
  • If you can’t watch a broadcast live, you can catch the replay for up to 24 hours after the initial broadcast.  The recent broadcasts of the people you follow will appear in your home screen.
  • To start your own live broadcast, simply choose the broadcast icon, then type in the name or subject of your broadcast and press the start button.  People following you will be instantly notified that you are live.

Pretty, easy, right?  

A few Tips...

Don't be a little Red Dot

Turn off your Locations when you go to Broadcast.  It's ok to have them set for the App but when you hit the Broadcast icon you will see a flashing arrow, just tap on it and it will turn off your precise location.  The reason for this is because you will show up on the Map of people who are currently live broadcasting.  You might think ya but then how will people find me on Periscope if I'm not on the Map?  

Here is the deal, there are other ways to get followers on Periscope without putting your self at risk.  When you are a little red dot on the map, people can actually see your precise location, so if your broadcasting from your home, they can zoom in and actually see where you live!  

How to get people to watch your Scopes without being a Red Dot?

1. Tweet your Scope with Hashtags!  
2. Ask People to Share your Scope with their followers and on Social media
3. Write a good title
4. Join Periscope facebook Groups

Periscope for Business?

If you have a website or just want to connect to others you can now add your website link to your Periscope profile and it will be clickable!  You can even add two links!

Interact and Give Love!

Commenting and chatting with people will not only build great connections on Periscope with other scopers but it will help you gain more followers too.  Interaction is the best way to grow your following and meet other like minded people! 
When your on someone elses scope whether it is Live or you are watching the replay, give them hearts!  The hearts show them that you like the content they are providing you and show others that they are active scopers and provide good content sort of like a social proof so help them out!

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