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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Booty and Legs Daily Fit Challenge - Day 3

I am loving these 2 Week Daily Fit Challenges I have happening on my facebook page!  People are really engaging and commenting daily which makes the event so much more interactive and provides a level of accountability!  It's awesome!  

Today I wanted to share with you the fit Challenge I posted for today.  

Please feel free to stop by the Booty and Legs Event and participate too.  It's never too late to join. 

For Day 3 of the Booty and Legs Challenge and we are going for the Split Squat!

Challenge yourself by doing Day 1, Day 2 and Day together! 60 Seconds of Scissor Jumps, 3 Sets of Donkey Kicks and 3 Sets of Split Squats! Check out the other daily challenges here. 

To do this move, you can balance your back leg on a sturdy chair, or if you’re feeling extra confident about your balance (and core-strength!), you can swap the chair for a big stability ball.

What to do: Stand 3 to 4 feet in front of a chair, facing away from it. Place the top of your right foot on the seat and extend your arms forward, palms pressed together. With most of your weight on your front leg, bend your front knee until left thigh is parallel to the floor and right knee is reaching toward the floor. Pause, then rise back up. Do 6–8 reps, then switch sides and repeat to complete 1 set; do 3 sets.

Comment below when you are done and tag a buddy to challenge them too!

Have a great Wednesday!

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