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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

FREE 12 Days of FITMAS Holiday Challenge

The holiday season can be downright stressful. The average person gains 1-5 pounds from Halloween to Christmas! Temptations, packed schedules, and seasonal pressures can make it an overwhelming time. Learn to take the pressure OFF this holiday season by maintaining, no gaining, and staying sane!

I'll will be leading you through a FREE 12 day challenge to help you out this holiday Season. #12daysoffitmas is from December 10th - December 22nd, and each day during the week I’ll provide you with daily workouts, nutrition tips, and Holiday tips to help you welcome 2016 feeling your BEST ever.

Each day of the week, you’ll have a workout to complete that takes 30 minutes or less, a nutrition tip to keep in mind, and Holiday tip or trick! 

HOW THIS WORKS: You will sign up for a FREE Beachbody on Demand membership which gives you access to over dozens of full Beachbody fitness programs including the mealplans! I will give you appropriate link to sign up free.

Once you have signed up I will add you into our Private facebook group too! In the group we will all do the challenge together! 

Sign up for your FREE BOD account HERE and then message me to let me know you want to join us!

Note: if you do have a goal to lose weight during this group, that is completely fine! I will support your goals. However, I implore you not to put too much pressure on yourself for that goal. Once the holidays are over you’ll have a clear mind with fresh, ignited motivation to kick some serious ass in those goals and join us in a New Year Group!

Can't wait to get this started and I hope you will join us!!  

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