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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

May the 4th be with you Bento Lunch

Today is May the 4th..... which is Star Wars Day!  And since I have a Star wars obsessed 6 year old and I can't resist putting together a healthy themed bento lunch for him, I was determined to create a star wars lunch for today!  

So last night when I got home from kickboxing class my mission was to make Asher a "May the 4th be with you" themed lunch but it took me a while to figure out just exactly what I was going to make with what I had on hand since I had to do it without any special cut outs. I settled on this little BB8 tuna sandwich.

BB8 is a well loved little character from the newest star wars movie and one of the easier characters to turn a sandwich into without a special cutter since he is just two circles! Admittedly I used food dye to create the lines on the bread but I'm ok with that just this once!  It's gives the effect I was looking for and it's not a ton of dye!  

Dipping a tooth pick and a small jar rim into a few drops of blue food colouring on a plate, I created the lines on him from a photo I found online.
I think I did pretty good and of course I had to find out this morning if Asher knew who it was before his kit was tossed around in his backpack, so I opened his lunch before he left the house this morning to show him and he knew RIGHT away that it was BB8!  Phew!  

Did you do anything special for Star Wars Day today?

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