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Friday, 6 February 2015

It's Fixuary!

February has been deemed #Fixuary since last year the 21 Day fix program was launched and has had record breaking success! 

I have personally helped so many people reach their health and fitness goals and establish a new healthy lifestyle with this program. 

This February the 21 Day fix Extreme launched and its all the buzz! The difference between the two programs is that the 21 day fix Extreme is a bit more intense, Autumn takes both the workouts and the meal plan up a few notches to get you into peak shape!

Check out this short video clip about the 21 Day Fix Extreme:

I will be trying my first #fixextreme workout tonight using my iPad when I test out the Beachbody on Demand system! Looking forward to trying both NEW products and excited that I'm among the first to review them!!

If your looking for a program that gives you EVERYTHING you need to succeed in one package you have found it in the 21 day fix! 

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