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Friday, 11 August 2017

Crystal's Friday Favs

Friday Favs!!!! 

I wanted to share a few of my Fav finds that are rocking my world right now!! Cause I think we all love getting recommendations on awesome items others are using or hearing about great deals! 

I've got some must have items and I think all my friends would love to know about!!  So I’ve written this blog post with all my top Friday favs including:

My Fav Pony holders (amazing for thick hair)
The Best NO SHOW socks I’ve found!
My cheap and perfect LIVE Video Tool
And More! 

I'll start with my absolute favourite Pony holders right now!  I got ONE of these from my coach when I was in Texas in May and I didn't think much of it until some of my fit girl community friends started asking where they could get more... So I tried it after hearing them rave about how they didn't put a crimp in their hair after putting it up for a workout and they stayed in their hair during the whole workout!  

Well they weren't lying!  I tried and it I seriously have used the same Pony holder every day since then! (I'm not exaggerating) It hasn't broken and it stays in all day or all workout and holds that messy bun like no body's business!  I just ordered a pack of them off Amazon but I haven't even had to open them yet cause my ONE is still going super strong!  LOVE LOVE LOVE these L. Erickson Grab & Go Pony Holders!

Link to where you can find them: L. Erickson Grab & Go Pony Tube - Black

Ever wonder how I film my live videos or workout videos from my living room!?? I have one of these Suction Cup Cell Phone holders clamped onto a large Adams peanut butter jar!  No JOKE!  It's the perfect height when propped up on a side table in my living room and holds my phone steady!  I also use it when I go LIVE on facebook or host a team training every week for Team Synergy!  I also have one in the car just in case I need to do an impromptu training video or LIVE! I order them off amazon for my team as well to give them as gifts for achieving their first few goals in their business!  Love these cheap little clips!

OK this next one has ALWAYS been a love of mine but more so this week it's become a staple after every workout!  My workouts this week have been bumped up to 45 minutes of intense training and while I'm loving it and vibe-ing during the workouts..... after they are over my body is pretty DONE! Not only does this quick to make shake taste like chocolate milk (YUM) but it seems to help me recover from that post workout muscle drain I've been feeling and reduce muscle soreness! 

It has Pomegranate extract in it which I've learned is a  powerful ellagitannin-rich extract that is scientifically shown to promote faster muscle recovery while helping to manage exercise-induced muscle soreness. It’s a recovery-enhancing ingredient that helps muscle strength recovery, especially after intense workouts and is best take about 30 minutes after exercise! If I was doing a marathon or training for a triathalon or something of that nature this would be a staple for me post event 100%!

I'm ALL about the no show socks... but here's the thing, many of them slip off your heel and into your shoe which causes a whole other issue of having to try to wedge your finger down to fish them back up or if that doesn't work you have to take your shoe off entirely and fix your sock.  Not cool!  I asked Gord (my hubby) to pick me up a few pairs of no show socks before we left for New Orleans and he grabbed some Under Armour ones for me.  Well Let me tell you, these are the best ones I've used (better than Lululemon)!!  

They stay on ALL day or during the whole workout and never slip down!  These ones seems to be SLIGHTLY higher than the Nike ones I've used before but you still can't see them in your runner and that seems to make the difference in them staying up and not slipping down!  YES!!  

Next up is this super cute and comfy Lululemon Define Jacket!  I'm usually a pretty "Cheap" person and don't love paying a lot for one item... but this jacket has become a lovely staple which I can wear to work, at home or pre-workout.  It's super versatile and because I got it in black I can put it over anything!  Plus it fits great.  I'm 5' 1" but I don't like hoodies that are too short or too long.  Some just look weird on my as they are too long but I really don't like the super short ones either!  This one sits perfectly on my smaller frame (I think) and fits so well!  Highly Recommend if you are looking for a new zip up!! 

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