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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Shift Shop Meal Plan Cheat Sheets

I've been busy creating this weekend!!  When I followed the 21 Day fix meal plan I found that having simple printed sheets where I could tick off the container I had used for the day super handy!  So because the Shift Shop Meal Plan actually changes from wee to week I figured that I would get to work and build some printable for the Shift Shop Meal Plan as well!

I personally just print these off and put them into a sheet protector, then I am able to use a dry erase marker and check off the containers through out the day as I have consumed them.  I have been building pretty structured meal plans for us as well but I do find that on days when your schedule gets a little wonky these are super nice to have.  Plus on the weekends I do tend to go off the regularly scheduled meals a little and mix things up so it helps to keep track of what I've had so I know what I have left. Check out our Shift Shop Meal Plan from last week! This weeks will be up on the blog soon too!

With each plan I have created a printable PDF document linked below so that you can print off which ever Shift Shop Meal Plan you are on.

Shift Shop Plan A


Shift Shop Plan B


Shift Shop Plan C


Shift Shop Plan D


What is Shift Shop???  Check out this blog post I did about the program and how it works!

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