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Wednesday 22 February 2017

21 Day Fix Easy Buffalo Chicken Pockets

I did a little creating in the kitchen today while I was home with a sick boy!  Fraser has had an annoying cough for the last few days but last night he slept terribly and the cough kept him from napping this afternoon too.  Sooo..... bedtime is either going to be a breeze or a nightmare!!!  Eeks!  

It's been an exhausting day but I had Buffalo chicken prepped and in the fridge, which I make in the crock pot and shredded in the stand mixer earlier this week, so I decided to use some of it up and change up my lunch for today since I was home.  

I had planned to have a Chicken Parmesan Pocket today but instead I threw together this delicious Buffalo Chicken pocket with ranch dip!  I feel like ranch should always go with buffalo sauce so I used my Homemade Ranch Dressing Spice mixture with a little greek yogurt to make a dipping sauce for it. 

The goat cheese crumbles in the wrap made it so creamy and delicious and the ranch dip made the whole thing really come together!  I'm in love!!!  

This might be my new favourite lunch for work!!  These little pockets are super easy to make and then take to the office and reheat at lunch time. 

21 Day Fix Easy Buffalo Chicken Pockets

Yield: Four wraps
Container Counts:  (1 yellow, 1 red, 1 blue)


3 cups roughly shredded, cooked boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1/4 Cup Franks Buffalo Sauce
4 Whole wheat tortilla wraps
1 cup Goat Cheese Crumbles
1/2 Cup Greek Yogurt 

1 Tbsp Ranch Dressing Spice Mix 


Place shredded chicken in a medium bowl. Add Buffalo sauce and stir to combine. 

Lay 1 Tortilla wrap on work surface, and sprinkle ¼ cup (1 blue container) of goat cheese down the center, leaving a large border all around the cheese. Spread ¼ of the chicken mixture (1 red container) on top of the goat cheese. Drizzle a small amount of buffalo sauce on top if desired. 

Fold short ends of wrap inward toward middle, and then fold long sides of wrap inward toward middle, making a closed wrap.

Repeat with the remaining 3 wraps, dividing the remaining goat cheese cheese and the remaining buffalo chicken mixture evenly among them.

Preheat a dry nonstick skillet over medium heat. Once preheated, add the wraps and cook on the first side until golden brown, about 1 ½ - 2 minutes. Flip wraps and cook on second side until golden, about another 1½ minutes.

While wraps are cooking combine greek yogurt and Ranch Dressing Spice Mix  together.  Serve wraps with Ranch Dressing Dip for dipping.  Enjoy!

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