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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Support, Accountability, Motivation and Fitness for 2016

I'm about to launch my BEST NEW YEARS CHALLENGE GROUP OF ALL TIME!!!! I have been over here brainstorming new ways to provide support and accountability to my customers and keep people motivated through the Holidays OR at least have a plan for after the Holidays!

As I am sitting here thinking about this group and the new year I am reminded that I always get an influx of people who join my January challenge groups.  Its just like those pictures of the gym in January! The gym is ridiculously packed for the first few weeks of the month and then by February 1st its back to the same as it was the rest of the year! WHY IS THAT???? Well everyone gets on their horse and wants to make a change in the new year, they flood the gym, they fill up the classes and they are all gung ho about their fitness.  But why do they fail?  Well if I think back to myself, I have been one of those  January Gym Goers or Runners!  I would start out strong, but then I wouldn't know what I was doing or if what I was doing was going to produce results.  I didn't get the concept of clean eating then and when I worked out for 1 week and didn't see results I got frustrated and did a little emotional eating to calm my frustrations! Quite honestly I was literally undoing everything I had done in the gym or on the pavement. I would meet with the personal trainer get my customized program or find a couch to 5k program to follow and then I was off on my own to do it!  But that personal trainer wasn't checking in on me to see if I was eating correctly or if my program needed tweaked. It was all up to me to motivate myself to go for that run I said I would do, or get to the gym and follow the plan. 

So, like most people, I threw in the towel and went back to my old ways swearing that I was meant to be out of shape forever and that my body was genetically predisposed to having a spare tire around my waste!  

I didn't realize that 80% of my results came from my nutrition and that eating real food not just low fat or low calorie was the only way to go!  

So here is what I've learned since that time and what I share with my customers...

1.  80% of your results come from your nutrition.  You can cardio yourself to death and see no change if you continue to have poor eating habits.

2.  SUPPORT is what made me succeed!  Having a community of support to check in daily with is what was the magic or secret sauce for me.  At any given time I could make a post in the private group regarding my daily struggles and someone would give me either a tip, suggestion, lift me up or love on me so that I didn't quit.  I felt a sense of peace knowing that I wasn't the only one struggling during certain weeks.  I wasn't the only one that didn't feel their body wasn't changing fast enough, it was nice to know that my food cravings and my daily struggles were normal!!!  I was not alone!  We were all in this together.  I made some of my best friends through my challenge groups and over time my mindset changed, my body changed and I finally was a success story!

3.  I need a system:  I am the type of person that needs a schedule to follow, a meal plan to duplicate and proven results for me to believe!  I am not the type of person that can make up my own program.  I want to know that if I do X,Y and Z I will get the results of those in the infomercial.  I love that every Beachbody Fitness Program comes with a nutrition guide to help me eat for the workout I am doing!  I love that Beachbody has the awesome food storage containers so that I am eating the right amount of food each day.  It truly takes the guesswork out of my nutrition. This is afterall the hardest thing to change and these programs do a killer job at tackling that with ease!

4.  Shakeology is not a protein shake or a weight loss shake or a temporary fix.  I will be honest, I was skeptic!  I had never drank a protein shake or meal replacement before Shakeology.  I didn't see the value or the investment in my health as necessary.   But I gave it 30 days and much to my surprise I had more energy, I didn't have my mid afternoon slump, I had less cravings for sweets and I was staying on track because it was 1 meal each day I didn't have to think about.  It was quick, convenient, easy to grab and go and I was having more success with my nutrition because if I was out and about instead of grabbing fast food I had my shake.  If I was running late in the morning instead of a coffee and muffin at the gas station it was Shakeology!  I was saving myself from all the little things that previously threw me off!

Plus it was nutrition that I wasn't getting before.  I was healthier, I performed better with my workouts and now it's my daily multivitamin. Truly my mindset has changed to a health shake and never a weight loss or protein shake!

5.  Lastly Challenge groups are my way to stay accountable. As a coach, I am just as accountable to myself as I am to my challengers.  As a coach I stay on track because I know I am leading by example.  I know that because I am out here leading the way I get to every single day inspire others to make a change in their lives.  I get to PAY IT FORWARD! When I started coaching, almost 2 years ago my goal was to help 1 person feel the same way I did when I achieved my results.  This is my WHY and driving force to continue leading the way with the very best fitness and nutrition programs I can offer!!!!

So here is the scoop!  I'm starting a 60 day fitness support and accountability group through my online Facebook private page.  

The requirements are this:

You make me your coach by going to my site and creating a free profile which makes me your COACH!  

You contact me by completing the application below to be considered for a spot in the group.

Together I will help you decide what fitness program will best meet your needs. You are required to do a Beachbody Fitness program{I will help you make the decision as to what fits you best} or you can dust off an old program you have at home. 

You are required to replace Shakeology with 1 meal each day for the very best results.  My goal is to teach you how to plan and prepare the other meals of the day so that you get the results you are looking for. At the end of the 60 days the choice is yours to continue with Shakeology or not!

You must check in daily to the closed online group to rate your day, be accountable and engage in the group discussion of the day.

That's it!  You get to workout in your own home but be connected to me 24/7 for support, fitness, recipes, nutrition and tips!

I am committed to helping you get the very best results possible!  Are you ready to rock it?!?!  

Complete the application below to be considered for our January 4th start date!

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