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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Join ME Virtually this Friday Night!!!

I'm kicking off an AWESOME EVENT on Friday night!  Will you JOIN ME?

Join me and the Team Synergy Crew for a 1 hour Live Virtual event where I'll walk you through how you can become a successful Online Health and Fitness Coach and I'll answer all your Questions LIVE too!

I'm an open book, and welcome you to join us and share your reservations, ask your questions and I'll break it all down for you!

You'll hear about a 'day in the life of a coach' and we'll even bust some common myths for you (No, you don't need to be a salesperson or spam people to be successful!) ICK!!! No thanks. We’re sharing the habits we’ve put into place to become successful professionals with our home businesses in just a little time each day, and how you can join if you are inspired to do so!

We will even be giving out fun PRIZES throughout the 60 minutes to those who are actively participating, asking questions, and giving feedback.

If you have ever been curious if Beachbody coaching could be a good fit for you, tune in and ask your questions live with us!!

To check it out just CLICK HERE and join the event. All you need to do is click "GOING" and show up Friday at 8pm pacific time. Set a reminder!!

Can’t make it??? No problem… all the videos, posts, and info will be available after the event for you to view!  

I know what your thinking, "I could never be a coach" or "But I'm not at my goal weight" or "Maybe when I lose another 10 lbs" or "I am not good with social media" OR "I don't have time for another thing on my plate"  

Well I welcome you to bring your reservations to the table and lets chat about them! I truly think you will be surprised to learn that there is NO Perfect Coach! And every one of those reservations was though by a coach who is successful today before they decided to set aside their fears and dive in!

Who makes a great coach?

1. People who are self motivated. 
2. ANYONE who is driven to be successful. 
3. Individuals who want to live their healthiest life. 
4. ANYONE, I mean any age, size, or gender can be a coach!  
5. Someone who has ever felt like they were meant to be more or do more with their life!

There is no pre-determined stereotype for success.  Success happens when you are passionate about what you do, and in this case it is helping other people start and succeed on their health and fitness journey!

If you want to be that person for someone else than I'd love to hear from you!

This a no strings attached, no pressure group.  You can check out my posts and connect with me through a message if you are interested in joining my next new coach training group where I will give you step by step instructions on how YOU CAN BE A SUCCESSFUL Team Synergy Coach!  

Click here to join in!

FYI:  I will message you to connect before the event begins so once you request to join please expect a message from me.  (Facebook can be strange sometimes and not show you messages of non-friends so feel free to add me as a friend or I'll add you so we can chat!)

If your not on Facebook you can connect with me by emailing to 

**This is only for non coaches**

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