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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Black Bean Noodles with White Cheese Sauce

Spotted these black Bean noodles at Costco and HAD to give them a try.

Two ingredients:

Organic Black Beans

Though beans are still considered a carbohydrate the amount of fibre in these noodles is what sets them apart and helps your body in more ways than one. 

These would be great for diabetics because the fibre content is so high at 11g per 50g dry pasta!

But what do they taste like???

Asher and I cooked up a pot and decided cheese sauce was the most appealing thing to try them with. But I did try them on their own and they were great. 

I think following the cooking instructions on how long to cook them is important because they get soft fairly quickly but are still chewy so leave them longer then you think. 

They came in a huge box for $7.99 which will probably last us quite a while. 

I really enjoyed them and will be taking our left overs for lunch at work tomorrow. Ashe liked them too which is a bonus!

Check them out and let me know what you thought :)

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